Minggu, 01 November 2009

PHP Basics 1

Create their own Web site? Why not. For an entirely new in the world of PHP, this page is intended to arouse interest and enthusiasm to learn this language as a base for you who want to create a dynamic website. This page was created to introduce you to PHP.
Best regards and Enjoy.

This tutorial is intended for colleagues who newbie in the PHP world, but at least have to understand about HTML (please do not reply to learn HTML first, not complicated.
PHP is a scripting language that is very good and suitable to be combined with HTML. With PHP's ability to create dynamic websites and a beautiful design using HTML, then almost nothing that can not be done in both languages are combined in the world wide web. Good again, PHP is a language that is very easy (for those who never learned C or other programming language will greatly this difference. Example of one of the most feel the difference is that we do not bother at the beginning of variable declarations, if you need a variable to stay put).
Another advantage is that the language PHP is freely distributed open source alias, meaning there is a side benefit but can use for free that are available lots of good material about this language (one of them on this site), so once we understand the basics of PHP, will be very easy for us to develop our ability to remember so much material available anywhere.

You can also read an article about this PHP Learning to understand more deeply about what and why we need to use PHP. In addition, you may need time to yourself to learn strategies first learn PHP to understand the sequence suggested to learn PHP.

Before you begin, you need to install a server on your computer to try the script you created locally. (If you have space on a server that support PHP you can also try the script in there, but more complicated and costly because it requires FTP, Internet access, long, and so on). If you do not have the software to add functionality the web server, PHP on your computer, try searching on google keyword phptriad download, install on your PC wrote on. Kalo udah selesai install, restart Apachenya (if you already have MySQL database also turn on, continue to try to type in http://localhost when it addres out the Apache start page, it means that your PC is ready to try PHP. (Previously, the directory where we should put later files in c: \ apache \ htdocs, if not believe me, look wrote on index file in that directory with the same content that appears on the home page of our time access to the localhost).

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